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(This article is first published on Hackernoon)

Rollups, especially the optimistic rollup, are being considered by the community as the most promising short to medium term Ethereum scaling solution at the moment. The reason is that fundamentally, rollup solutions use data on-chain techniques instead of data off-chain techniques used by other scaling solutions such as Plasma. This choice removes the need for semi-trusted operators and enables generalized scalable side chains.

Currently, there are a number of teams developing rollup solutions either optimistic rollup or zk rollup, and more teams are coming. Unfortunately existing rollup solutions don’t have a viable business model YET to fund the standalone operation of this Dapp infrastructure for the long-term. …

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Source: Compound Blog

Compound is undoubtedly a star project in Defi, which is the hottest area in crypto space at the moment. Recently, it started its decentralization process by introducing its governance system and a token COMP — Compound governance token. As the last step of the process, it released the COMP distribution plan.

COMP distribution is absolutely an incentive design even though the utility of COMP is designed for governance. With COMP tokens, Compound can offer “negative borrowing rate with positive high lending rate”! The incentive is so strong that it will no doubt drive huge growth. …

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(This article is published on VentureBeat)

Recently, China’s central bank — People’s Bank of China (PBOC) — surprised the business and crypto world with its plan to launch a central bank-backed digital currency (CBDC). The news came after the announcement of Facebook’s Libra, creating a perception that China is playing catch-up. But China has put more than five years into researching the idea, and the product, DC/EP (Digital Currency Electronic Payment), was reported even back in 2018.

As expected, most responses to the idea so far have focused on how DC/EP could become the biggest competitor to well-known stablecoins such as DAI and Tether, as well as to Facebook’s not-yet-launched Libra. …


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