Digital Tech: Starting early

Technology is advancing at such a rapid stage that keeping up with the latest may not be possible. However, there are certain fundamental issues that can be tackled early during medical education to prepare future doctors in facing the inevitable era of digitalisation in healthcare.

Medical schools are often slow to change. The delivery of information is still in the didactic format and much of the process of learning appear unchanged from decades ago. These future graduates are then expected to navigate through a rapidly changing healthcare landscape where information is free flowing.

Many medical students are still clerking their patients the conventional way as often times the EMR is not accessible to them. Navigating the digital environment in the modern consultation room is a skill that often times is neglected in medical schools. Hence, the inability to prioritise and manage the myriad of digital tools and deluge of information at the point of care.

Indeed, medical education MUST change to reflect the changes that are occurring in the real world. I believe that change starts from this stage of medical education. Championing digital healthcare at a later stage may be more futile and only invite resistance due to the unfamiliar expectations.