27/09 Blog:


After lunch I had English communication where we began making a commercial for a product of our choice. Our group made up an idea called “Spectacular Beats”. A play on the word ‘spectacle’ as glasses and emphasizes the fact that these glasses can play music, take photos and videos, make phone calls and much more. We drew a storyboard of the commercial and is coming along well.

My host brother, Yuki, and I caught the train home today. When I went to the toilet I saw this weird mechanism in the ground and apparently it is a toilet!! Never seen this before in my life…

For dinner tonight, I ate Nagasaki Sara udon. It was delicious! Also my first time. I’m loving all of the new and interesting food I am eating each day! After dinner, some family friends came over for a chat. They had one daughter, Konoka. She was really nice and keen to improve her English so Yuki and I helped her with some speaking skills.

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