The most pathetic banking award goes to the MCB branch of Pak Arab society Lahore.

The MCB Pak Arab society branch, Lahore has some of the utmost un-qualified bunch of people to run the operations. Congratulations on getting this wonderful award.

Let me tell you why they suck? I ordered my MCB-lite from the helpline. After some days it was delivered to the home. The folks at helpline told me to activate this card from the nearest branch and deposit an initial amount.

Day one

I went to this branch, talked to staff ladies, and they were totally unaware of the process regarding the lite card. One of the ladies told me to go to the cashier. When talked to the cashier, he told that this branch doesn’t process deposits for lite cards so I came back frustrated.

Day two

I called the helpline, told them the full story, they searched the lite supported MCB branches in their database and categorically said that MCB Pak Arab supports lite cards processing, and I should request them to activate and deposit the money. The helpline folks even told me that if they deny this fact, just call the helpline and have them talk to (stupid) staff at the branch. I went to branch next day, and this time went to branch operations manager (Ali Khan). He was utterly busy in his work, didn’t even bother to fully listen to my request, and said that there is some user data processing going so please come tomorrow. He basically said with his attitude to fuck off and don’t disturb him. So I came back.

Day three

Next day, again went to the branch and talked to that stupid manager. He called upon some other guy, talked about MCB lite and other guy told that MCB lite system is down today so come back tomorrow. I was totally fed up with pathetic service. I almost yelled at him and told it’s my third day visiting you guys, can you guys clearly tell when should I come? This time he panicked a bit, gave his personal visiting card and told to first call him before coming tomorrow, and I went back.

Day four

Next day, I called him, he said that I might come and the problem will be solved. When reached the branch, he said to go to the cashier to process the request, I talked to the cashier and he said that this branch will not be able to deposit the money in MCB lite. So basically I was back to the square of one after all of these days. Told this (fucking non-sense) to operations manager, he went to the cabin of the cashier, both of them talked for a while, came back and told me that MCB lite will be activated from the helpline. I was so furious at that time and literally wanted to yell at my full voice. But don’t know why just decided not to proceed with these morons. So left the branch and decided to tell this story to the whole world.

I hope, if there is someone sane in MCB, he will take a notice.

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