Dear Arthur Chiaravalli, maybe the formula “dominant ideology of our times” I’ve used is an…
François Jourde

Thanks, François Jourde. I guess I was thinking of a more modest form of transhumanism, the one that allows us to “transcend” our present life by living virtual lives via various devices and platforms. This obviously does not prolong life (it may actually shorten it), but it does impoverish life, which becomes progressively less bearable. Could this be the poor man’s transhumanism, which ironically provides the rich technocapitalists the opportunity to ultimately prolong their lives?

The poor man’s transhumanism renders him unhealthy, sedentary, sedated, paralyzed, powerless. He pays into the system that will ultimately benefit the ruling class of technocapitalists. An even poorer man suffers through the mining of coltan, either through radiation poisoning or conflict caused by ravenous demand for the mineral.

In short, I don’t think extended lifespans will be an inclusive phenomenon. I think we can already see evidence of an ever-widening gap.

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