We really think ranking and sorting with grades are good for kids? We really think that telling them that they can’t continue to pursue their interests is good for their “growth mindset?”
My Problem With a “Growth Mindset”
Will Richardson

This is the key. Exposing older kids to growth mindset is great, because it becomes almost counterintuitive over time. But why is that? Because the structures in schools, particularly grading, assessment, and ranking practices, make adopting growth mindset difficult at best and downright foolish at worst. Showing a video on growth mindset (as I did today) is a smack in the face if your assessment and grading practices don’t acknowledge and encourage growth. Kids are facing increasingly bleak educational and employment prospects; why would they dare take a class that put their GPA at risk? Thus, we learn fixed mindset, which narrows as we take the “safe route” toward specialization, which in today’s world spells obsolescence.

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