Solving business problems through better conversations

For the past 20+ years, I have worked on solving business problems through better conversations.

Want to know a secret?

I now use the same 5 templates every time:

Template #1: Integrative conversation

How it works:

• Actively seek out the less obvious

• Consider solving a problem holistically

• Seek innovative solutions rather

This simple template allows you to switch from good/bad choices to solving tensions creatively.

Template #2: Constructive conversation

How it works:

• Step 1: Look at the problem from a helicopter perspective

• Step 2: Describe the function of the system that you see

• Step 3: Step into different contexts

Quick note: do not only talk. That’s a mistake. Instead listen.

Template #3: Future conversation

How it works:

• Don’t predict the future from past experiences

• Discover your flow in the future story instead

• Accept the risks that are embedded in the evolving whole.

It’s about stepping back and increasing awareness. Easy, right?

Template #4: Critical conversation

How it works:

• Accept that subjects cannot be separated from the totality

• Understand the connections between dots

• Distinguish dominant influences

See that best solutions are not obvious, and you’ll be wildly successful.

Template #5: Transformational conversation

How it works:

• Be ware that reality is fragile, constantly changing

• Be open to change the framework you use

• Integrate perspectives to a more comprehensive approach

That’s the way to resolve contradictions!

Use these 5 conversations to solve any business problem.

• Integrative conversation

• Constructive conversation

• Future conversation

• Critical conversation

• Transformational conversation

Try it out and share your experiences — better conversations promised:)

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