The Five Best Places to Live In in North London

With all the great places you could live, North London is probably one of the best areas to settle for. Often considered as a place for high society living, what you might not know is that there is far more to this district than the affluence; whether you choose to go for an affordable lifestyle or if you are more ambitious, this area has got it all.

With complete access to different shopping districts, educational institutions, hospitals, pubs, churches and other places of interest, you need never worry whether you’ve moved to the right place. All that’s left for you to consider is the environment, safety and budget.

If the long list of boroughs overwhelms you, here are five of the best places you could live in North London:


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Trendy and stylish: two words that best describe the high-end status of Islington. Situated to the north of the river, this area is remarkable for its Upper Street — a destination for fancy restaurants, pubs and designer shops. To balance the appeal of the neighbourhood, markets are also available in the area, as well as theatres and music venues for some cultural vibe.

More than posh retailers, residential areas are pretty dominant in the area, too. With Victorian and Gregorian types being the most sought after abodes, the cost of living is about 40% higher than in other areas. Homes in Islington would suit those who were looking for a calm and peaceful living environment amidst the bustling streets.


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Sitting at the top of a hill, overlooking the fine views and greeneries of Central London and Hampstead, Highgate’s one of the most expensive places to live in North London. If socialising and expensive living are your cup of tea, then this is the place for you.

Perhaps more well known for its cemetery (where some of the most reputable people are buried), Highgate is also home to traditional-style pubs, striking Gothic churches and stunning landscapes. Modern and classy, the affluent suburb of Highgate makes it a top choice for families, young professionals and even celebrities.


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A mixture of different architectural styles — from million pound mansions to modest houses — Finchley has a wide selection of idyllic homes, depending on how much you’re willing to spend.

Convenience wise, the location of Finchley has access to all major roads, woodlands and different establishments. Much like the Islington area, Finchley gives off a serene and soothing feel — an ideal place for those who like the idea of taking a quiet stroll around their neighbourhood.

West Hampstead

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Probably most synonymous with “expensive living,” West Hampstead boasts fine dining, luxury brand shops and upscale properties. So if you’re willing to blow some real money on your next home, West Hampstead is the place for you.

With country and city living combined, West Hampstead enjoys night life and greenery alike. Complete with a wide range of bars and pubs and Hampstead Heath Park, this area affords the perfect combination of the high life and country living.

Kentish Town

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Kentish Town is a break from all the lavish suburbs of North London.

It might not be as grand as some of the other areas but it is steeped in entertainment, retail and even residential communities. With several travel spots you can explore and career/business opportunities you might want to consider, this could be the best place for you.

In Preparation

Considering where you should move and live is already stressful per se; especially if you’ve invested time and energy into doing some research and analysis.

Keep in mind these simple things before you start your move:

#1: What to Keep & What to Throw

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If it’s a temporary move, it isn’t ideal to bring everything with you. If you are moving permanently, you might want to consider keeping things for practical reasons:

· Should I keep this and transport it to my new place? (with the consideration of transport costs)

· Should I get rid of this (sell, give away or totally dispose) then buy a new one after arriving at my new place? (you might want to consider a rubbish clearance service for this)

#2: Removal Firm

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While sorting the things you want to take with you, you might want to consider the best removal firm at the same time. Do your research, ask for quotations and familiarise yourself with the inclusions and exclusions to avoid misunderstandings and hidden charges.

During the packing and moving process, learn to be watchful to make sure that fragile and important items are being taken care of and given the due care and attention they require to avoid breakage or misplacement.

#3: Van Hire

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Besides the appliances and furniture, you should also hire a separate van for you (and your family, if you are moving with them) and other personal belongings. If you plan to move somewhere we have mentioned within this blog, you would be wise to choose a van hire service that operates in Islington, Highgate, Finchley, West Hampstead or Kentish Town.

#4: Change of Address

Source: Disability Services Consulting

Just when you thought the worst was over! You must remember to inform the long list of friends, family and utility providers of your new home address.

A little study, considering the pros and cons and preparing for the best and worst case scenarios is part and parcel of the moving process. It’s a big investment, so it’s important that you get it right!

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