Agile is Reducing the Value of Your Design Team
Dave Malouf

Thanks Dave — great article for rumination and reflection!

The engineering group in my organization, of which ux and design is a part of, are highly protective of “small a agile” this being the spirit of the approach, and not the letter, as described in your article. Fortunately we have/are an honest and constructively rebellious group who don’t conform to anything considered an overhead to the actual design and build work.

I have experienced hard core scrum in partner orgs though it wasn’t for development reasons but exec stakeholders who wanted to show they were agile but really it was just another form of waterfall that looked cool. Not really their fault, inexperience (and fear of failure) were likely the reasons.

I do challenge though that developers aren’t doing creative, empathic and/or visionary work as in my experience the best devs I’ve worked with share these traits with ux designers. I have no idea where the demarcation lines are, only if we share the load and compliment skill sets to deliver stuff that is meaningful and useful then I’m ok with it all!

A little discussed facet to design is part of project work is designing the way we work with teams. Yes, we establish rules of engagement but I think we also apply design thinking to the teams we are in as well as to the project work. Good devs do this too ☺

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