SYMM Launches Innovative Cryptocurrency Fund

Andrew Lewin
Nov 28, 2017 · 2 min read

With cryptocurrencies making big waves in financial circles, one management company, SYMM, has announced the launch of new a cryptocurrency investment fund, offering a uniquely new commission structure to investors. The company is the first to offer buyback options for shareholders, as well as an attractive commission structure.

Launching on November 30th, the Symmetry Fund is different in that the company is the first to offer buyback options for shareholders, as well as an attractive commission structure.

Fund manager, Andrew Lewin explained the reasons behind the new fund:

‘The cryptocurrency markets are relatively new and can be extremely complicated. The Symmetry fund has been designed to make it easy for individuals to invest in cryptocurrencies without all the effort, capital and risk involved with personal trading in the market.’

There has been massive increases in the prices of cryptocurrencies in recent years and analysts see further upside certainly in the medium to long term. While Bitcoin is well known, Ethereum is another cryptocurrency attracting a lot of interest from investors due to its potential in infrastructure applications using Blockchain technologies.

The SYMM fund invests in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Lite Coin and Ripple so offers a diversified portfolio for those looking for the safety of a traditional managed mutual fund, but still benefit from the gains being seen in the rising cryptocurrency markets, especially lucrative ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings). Operating as part of the Ethereum Blockchain, the fund pays monthly dividends equivalent to 50% of trading profits in ETH with the remaining 50% reinvested, subject to a tokenholder vote every three months. However, unique to the cryptocurrency market, investors in the SYMM fund have the option of a buyback option.

The fund managers have stated that high levels of transparency on profits/losses and dividends will be maintained through the delivery of daily reports to investors, while a 10% reserve fund will be kept in flat currencies (US$/€) to mitigate risk in volatile Blockchain markets.

Individual shares are offered as SYMM tokens, which can be traded at market rates, allowing holders to cash out at any time. The initial ICO will take place over a period of 60 days when tokens will be offered at an initial value of 0.1 ETH (payable only in Ethereum), before commencing general trading. While the fund is not available to US investors, management fees are competitive and charged on profits at 7.5% for investments over 100 ETH and 15% for under 100 ETH.

Those interested in investing in the SYMM fund should visit

About SYMM
The SYMM investment fund is managed by some of the financials world’s most experienced fund managers, including Andrew Lewin, a senior fund manager at Credit Suisse, FX strategist, David Steiner and Markus Kohn, an expert in technical architecture.