Do companies care about our online security ?

I recently released my last project.

It is a lightweigth, free and easy to use web service, that lets users know if a password is strong enough, so hackers can’ t guess it

Plain password is never revealed because users don’ t send it . They send just the hash of the password which makes it next to impossible to determine what the real password is. Communication with the web service, is secure: it goes over https all the way.

It is extremely fast (responses in the tenth of a second) and it has the potential to make the sign-up code easier. This is because instead of having to code complex and difficult password requirements, you can just call the service, and it returns if that password is secure, with a yes or no (0 or 1)

You can reach it at

So, I decided to start promoting it. My plan included the following, in no special order :

  • Create a comprehensive documentation in the website.
  • Try to reach potential users (developers)
  • Identify the most visited websites and check if they allow users to sign-up with hackable passwords. Contact them to let know if they do .
  • Write articles to spread the word about the project.

So to perform the third point I searched for Alexa ( to get the 1000 most visited websites on the Internet

Afterwards I selected the 200 most visited websites and tried to create an account using a hackable and weak password that meets usual password requirements (Superman1) with those that allow sign-up.

The results? Just a few companies (Google, Facebook or Microsoft to name some of them) had mechanisms that doesn’t allow a user to sign-up using a long and weak password

So I contact each of the companies that don’ t check that users type a strong password letting them know about that and the possibility to use my free web service, and to contact me if they need more info

So far, I have received no contact from any of those companies, and there was no traffic from them either. I doubt a single one of them to have made anything to solve this

This makes me wonder: do companies care about online security ? Hackings like the Apple Cloud leak of celebrity photos, could have been avoided had my web service being used or any other security measure had been taken by that company.

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