Deciding which, if any, essay writing service you should use is a big decision. Don’t make it lightly. Here’s what I’ve learned after operating one for more than three years.

With the chaos of midterms on the horizon, hundreds of thousands of students across the world will turn to essay writing services to help them get through their academic challenges. They’ll scour the internet checking out various essay writing services promising to get them the best essay possible, with many boasting reviews as golden as the California sunset. Among the many emotions, someone considering using an essay writing service may…

Only you can decide that.

Since founding, an online writing service for students, over two years ago, one of the most common attacks on my business has been calling it unethical. In the form of comments, emails, DMs and even the occasional picture of a middle finger sent to me, many despise the existence of services like mine due to their ethical code. I used to debate them, but since growing from zero to 90,000 followers, my critics have become too many to entertain, and I find it more enjoyable to focus on the positives of my business with…

An industry player shares tips to help students avoid scams, plagiarism and other risks associated with academic essay writing market.

Essay writing services can be a great way to relieve stress or anxiety, but students must exercise caution before diving into the murky waters of this sketchy industry.

It’s an industry that operates in the shadows of the internet. Wrought with scams, plagiarism and non-native English speakers, a sea of providers claim they possess the ability to turn around your GPA in exchange for the cost of a trip to the movies. They offer up bold promises, much like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on the debate stages in 2016 that prove to be equally, if not more so, empty. …

Killer Papers

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