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Celebrating our community and an incredible invite to Australia — it’s been an amazing week!

Words from our Community:

SheEO is growing network of women helping women in small and big ways. This exchange between two women in our community made our hearts swell. Radical generosity comes in so many forms!

Venture Stories

Congrats are definitely in order for Heartbeat Ai Technologies (2016 SheEO Venture) for winning the MarTech Today Startup Battle Award this week! We are cheering you on!

Sabrina Mutukisna, Founder of SheEO Venture The Town Kitchen was recently featured in Entrepreneur Magazine! The magazine connected with her to talk about how to brand a start up. Watch the video here.

Our Ventures are making the world a better place, and that is no exception with Jane Chen, Founder of SheEO Venture Embrace Innovations.

“I travel to these places, and I meet women who have nothing. Every day is survival. And yet, they will do absolutely anything to save their children. Knowing that you can empower these women to save their children via a very simple technology is incredibly rewarding.”

Read Jane’s feature in The Guardian!

Global Sisterhood: Australia

Thank you Australia for the warmest welcome. Vicki was invited by the City of Sydney to be the first participant in their new Visiting Entrepreneur Program! It was a whirlwind. We met with Lord Mayor Clover Moore, many, many, many leaders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem (shout-out to SheEO Activator Julie Trell for hosting us at muru-D), dozens of ventures one on one, Sydney School for Entrepreneurship and many more! We are in awe of this growing global sisterhood and can’t wait to see it grow here.

Guess what? If you’re in New Zealand there is still time to apply to become a 2017 Venture. Spots are limited, so if you’re ready to be part of a global network and take your business to another level, then apply here.

& some extra inspiration for the end of your week.

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