Serenity Ventures

The path to accommodate 10b people on planet earth.

It’s estimated that the world’s population will reach nearly 10 billion people by 2050–9.7b to be precise¹. At that time, ~68% of the world’s population will live in urban areas; 90% of the increase will occur in Asia and Africa². Humanity’s infrastructure was not designed to accommodate this population. If our infrastructure does not accommodate humanity’s needs for living then society as a whole is at war, in poverty, and out of balance with nature.

This basic logic shines light onto the mission of Serenity Ventures: to co-create communities that are in balance with nature.

To start, we are building community via coaching, content, and events that empower impact entrepreneurs & investors to build ventures that are in-balance with nature.
The basic assumption that we’re making is that if entrepreneurs & investors to grow ventures that are in-balance with nature, then our infrastructure will be upgraded to be in balance with nature.


Holistic Process — Coaching for Impact Entrepreneurs & Investors

The type of coaching that we are deploying through Holistic Process is called Consciousness Engineering (CE). CE is the process of upgrading a person’s beliefs & systems for living (i.e. habits & routines) to align with the end-goals that one desires. Holistic Process currently has capacity for up to ten clients.

Minumum Team Requirement:
1x Coach


Serenity Media — Content for Impact Entrepreneurs & Investors

We are creating content that plays into the Knowledge Loop — with two primary purposes — to teach consciousness engineering tools and share experiences between impact entrepreneurs/investors. Serenity Media currently has the capacity to publish one weekly article + video.

Minimum Team Requirement:
1x Lead Content Creator
1x Lead Content Editor


Global Connection — Events for Impact Entrepreneurs & Investors

We recognize the value of connecting the global community of impact entrepreneurs & investors and giving them tools to create a bigger impact with more ease. These events can lead to new partnerships, ventures, investments — and amplify the impact of our coaching and content. We currently have the capacity for one workshop + retreat per quarter.

Minimum Team Requirement:
2x Event Facilitators

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