Restrained rage: Exactly how Nintendo let us down again

Every year we see everyone get hype for Nintendo to show us stuff that we want and every year we get disappointed. Every year we salivate over what Nintendo could deliver, a new Prime game, some footage of the new Zelda. A PAPER MARIO GAME THAT'S A FUCKING R P G. An HD port of a Earthbound or a new Earthbound game at all. The funny thing is every other company has to wow their audience with something new, some crazy impressive new graphics, some incredible new tech demo. BUT ALL NINTENDO FANS WHAT IS WHAT WE'VE BEEN ASKING FOR YEARS UPON YEARS.

Whats really gross about every Nintendo conference is that they seem to be aware of what their audience really want. They give us a taste that they may not be clueless to what their audience wants and they get it so wrong every single time, almost to laugh at our collective sighs of disappointment.


People want a new Prime game, lets go back on every design paradigm that people love about Metroid and give it a stupid fucking name. Lets make a Metroid game completely devoid of the subtle atmosphere and sense of isolation that the Metroid series provides, in fact lets do the EXACT FUCKING OPPOSITE.

I feel like out of all the subcultures in the asinine console war that has been perpetuated to what seems to infinity, the Nintendo community is very transparent on what they want, moreso than Sony fans or even Microsoft fans. We accept the crummy processing power, the hardware that is gimmicky and overpriced. The complete lack of third party support and the unacceptable sense of aloof and dispassion that Nintendo subject us with constantly is quite frankly absurd since they so consistently milk their die hard audience for money every godamn year. With how much they shill on amiibos and projects that literally nobody cares about. We are awfully patient with a company that constantly tells us that they do not care.


Speaking frankly. Im done, I bought a Wii U happily to play Kamiya games and Nintendo treated Platinum so flippantly that they straight up just went back to multiplat because of Wii U’s abysmal playerbase. Sony’s show on the other hand was sublime and I am extremely excited that the Last Guardian is no longer in development hell because the audience wanted it and they listened.

Im so angry

hi im butthurt

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