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The Earth House Entrance

Courtyards are outdoor spaces bound and surrounded by interiors. For centuries, courtyards have been used as a means of passive cooling in hot and humid regions.

In South India, families used to articulate their spaces around the courtyard — facing the “outdoors within.” This added multiple advantages to the household: cooling effects, cross-ventilation, additional daylight, a private outdoor space protected from extreme weather conditions and, of course, the security to dry your expensive dupattas.

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Dry Kitchen — Earth House

With modular kitchens being a vital part of luxury villas, a rising trend in Indian real estate is the separation between the cooking areas: dry and wet kitchens.

Wondering what’s the difference?

Well, a dry kitchen is where you do ‘not so sticky’ cooking — toasting bread, cutting fruits, baking cakes or microwaving popcorn. This part of the kitchen has all the modern appliances like fridge, coffee maker and oven, but doesn’t have a sink.

We often believe that a beautiful floor plan is all we need to design a beautiful house.

With the advent of Pinterest and other photo-sharing sites that have thousands of floor plans available for view and download, what separates a beautiful home from another?

It is the execution of the idea rather than the idea itself!

The execution becomes even more difficult when the design gets complicated or when every house in the same development has a different floor plan. …

A considerable amount of time has been spent on designing the beautiful staircases in the Si-oul project.

All the houses at Si-oul are adorned by staircases that are not only aesthetically beautiful but also technically and equally astounding, design-wise.

Sun House — Sol

The staircase in the Sun House was designed to have a ‘floating effect.’ It is suspended over a water body in the foyer leading up to the first floor. This staircase actually possesses cantilevered steps coming out of the feature wall, creating an illusion of being held by the brass rods suspended from the first floor.

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Floating Staircase — Sun House


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Si-oul — Siolim, Goa


The word brings fancy places, expensive things and rarities to mind.

However, to us, luxury is not necessarily Italian Marble; it is rather something that is reliable and functional. It should work all the time; just like how it did when it was new — an indication of high quality and, according to us, that is Luxury!

Luxury lies in the things you do not see more often than in the things that you do!

When you visit a home once in a while, you want things to work when you arrive. But then, you might encounter the unexpected—…

Among confusing cases of rendering vs reality images, here’s our Moon House exceeding the excellence of a 3D render!

Lua, the moon villa, is set amidst sun and earth villas at Si-oul in Siolim, Goa.

Spanning 5,737 square feet in size, the Moon House is filled with features designed around romance, mystery and discovery.

An Aerial View of the Moon House:

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Lua Floor Plan — Top View

Top View of Lua’s Floor Plan

Inspired by the Moon, Lua displays one of the lunar phases through its crescent shape.

With just a couple of months away from finish, the villa has, by far, surpassed even the…


Si-oul is a luxury residential development of 3 unique homes, inspired by the architecture prevailing in coveted tropical destinations around the world.

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