You know

When you feel short of breath

because you know (s)he is stealing it from and you do not even care

When the steady rhythm of her/his heartbeat is the music that makes you feel alive

When you have those annoying butterflies in the stomach

and they make you ridiculously nervous

When (s)he touches your skin

and you feel the warmth spreading

When (s)he does not held back in anything that matters

even if it is uncomfortable

even if it is about you

Because s(he) pushes you and brings you up, and confronts you

When ‘fighting’ makes you explode with fiery passion and it is the best thing ever

When you actually trust (s)he will never break you, even when it is almost certain (s)he will

When you are much more of what you can be when you are together

When (s)he is near you and the closeness makes you feel calm and content, and also invincible

Like nothing bad can ever touch you

and if it does, you know you are not alone

Not anymore.

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