Dear Hillary
Erin Oliver

Ms. Erin Oliver you are to be congratulated for your passion for fretting out this story that will have consequences for this country and by extension the world long after we’re gone. Like you, Ms. Beth Martinez, penned a piece on her face book page, ” Why the Presidential Election needed to be Audited and what you can do to help” also found on Medium publishing.

The two of you are not alone in your siren call for a re-examination of what is becoming disturbingly clear of questionable acts and the too many occurrences with the election machines, security lapses, large numbers of votes for one candidate and not a corresponding number of bodies in that county being able to account for and explain the vote tallies in a malfunctioning machine as the case infer in a Florida county.

Their are more secrets in this rabbit whole that you ladies are charged with snooping out. Do keep this story in the public eye, hopefully, we will wake up from this nightmare before the country goes into a deep freeze of accepting anything we’re being told or explode from orchestrated divisions from within.

In no small way America’s future rest on unheralded individuals such as yourselves to provide those watchman/women functions for preserving what those founders gave birth to, and we have enjoyed all these many years as free people.

Keep Safe and Happy Hunting,

Hiawatha Bradley

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