The Essential Attributes Required Of A President

First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS), Mrs. Michelle Obama would be a natural to become President of these United States. Why you might ask? She is pragmatic, quick study, intelligent, respected and trusted, infectious in her behavior and her administration would be inundated with the best, brightest and ethically and morally desirable individuals who possess a high degree of acumen to execute the countries business; a win for all of us. Oh- I forgot to mention, she is thick skinned and would not be easily upset and prone to reckless behavior, and lastly, she’s elegant in all the ways that personify that which is best about Homo sapiens.

Being FLOUS has afforded her the unique opportunity to see close up the levers of governmental power in operational mode or in some cases lack of action. Their is and argument to be made for having governmental operational experience and conversely and argument of the reverse is equally powerful. I would like to believe her exposure to government was beneficial in rounding-out, modifying and qualifying the role the citizenry must step-up and do for themselves, as well as, what the citizen should expect and require of their elected officials.

Given the global world we now live in, with all its many challenges, it would be folly to assume that one would want a novice to sit in this most demanding and has been described, thank’less position. In her case she would not exactly a novice. She would bring observational experience, the likes of which the average citizen has no knowledge. Couple with her sense of do diligence in fretting out that which is good and best for society in general.