Retirement For A Father…

Just spoke to him and asked father How u doin? He replied I am great with a smile but I could feel the stress in his eyes. I had no words to say because I don’t have the courage to speak to him about his work and remind him again about everything he is going through.

Its a pschological roller coaster ride for them with so many emotions. They literally feel that they are good for nothing now.Here it’s the responsibility of their children to give them the complete attention they need and the same attention they have given you there whole life.

They just need a hour or two from your so called important schedule. Life is never gonna be same for them but just few words of hope and happiness can make there day.

This is the most important time when a father expects and needs attention. Kindly don’t leave your father alone on this awful journey.

Show some love towards your parents until it’s too late!