5 Alarming Signs That Your Kid is Not Pooping In Proper Manner

Little kids can’t speak from their mouth whether they are feeling well or not. A mother needs to understand their health conditions from certain signs. A baby’s poop speaks a lot about their health. Whether a baby poops properly on time or not, or the poop color is correct of different, all these can tell you a lot. Whenever you change his/her diaper, what do you check, if your child has pooped or urinated properly or not, right? Right amount, color, and time let you know about his/her metabolism. Although even if the diaper is dirty them also you should be careful as just excreting is not enough, it has to proper.
Some of the Alarming signs that you shouldn’t miss about your baby’s poop are as follows. We are also recommending you some basic solutions, but it would be better if you visit a pediatrician in such case.
· Is the Baby’s Stool Hard?
Does your child poop less often then he should? Is his stool hard and pebble- like? These are some of the signs of constipation. Excreting stool can be painful for the little one. Increase the fluid intake of the baby and make sure that he is being fed properly. Pedaling exercise can also be helpful for your baby, you can make him do this exercise.
· What If the Poop Looks Foamy?
Foamy poop is a sign that your child is not getting hind milk. When you start breastfeeding your kid, the milk that comes out is known as fore milk which is low in calories but later your breast starts giving out hind milk which is high in calorie and fat. Hind milk is required to satisfy the baby’s hunger. To resolve this problem, you can start each nursing session with the breast you have ended the previous session.
· It is Giving Out Foul Smell
The smell of the poop lets you know how long it has been in the intestine. The longer it remained there, the fouler the smell is. Baby’s poop is not that smelly as they poop more frequently. The smell may get worse when you start feeding them on solid things. Smelly poop is an indication of allergy. In such a case, you must visit a doctor as they can let you know what kind of food is causing this issue.
· The Color of the Poop is Different
Baby poop is of a different color, it doesn’t look like adults. Their color keeps on changing as their digestive system develops. But if you notice pale or dull yellow poop, yellow-brown and watery poop, black one or green poop for many days then it is an indication of allergy or infection. A pediatrician can tell you the reason behind it and can also suggest you better treatment for it.
· Watery Poop
Although, babies do have runny poops but sometimes it is too watery. If the frequency of excreting is more than normal then it is a sign of diarrhea. A change in diet can cause such issues. But it can also be a sign of allergy, intestinal infection, rotavirus infection or dehydration. Give him an ample amount of liquid diet and try to give him breastfeeding. For better recovery, please don’t forget to visit a doctor.
Apart from the aforementioned signs you may also notice some traces and particle of mucus, streaks of blood and black specks in your baby’s diaper. We suggest you to not neglect these signs and instead, visit a pediatrician as soon as possible. Next time, when you change your baby’s diaper, don’t forget to check the above-mentioned things.