Identifying your life of purpose by embracing your pain

“If you can’t figure out your purpose, Figure out you passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.”

Life is full of hurdles, It is not the place of happiness. Every one in the worlds have their own Life purpose. If I figure out my life and look what sacrifices and costs, I have faced that are unbelievable for me. After completing my Collage life there is an issue with me for my higher education. As I have passion to continue my study but society ways wanna killed my passion.

In my society where I born there is some different psychology, they don’t believe the women higher education. In my society maximum education got by female was intermediate. In this criteria Its bitter different for me that what should I do. This was the panic time for me to take decision either continue my education or follow those people they don’t want for higher education. What should be the cost for me for this type of situation.?

I did n’t loose hope, try to understand my family for higher education. After all they agree for my education at university level, I have got admission and now I am post graduated. I will continue my higher study.

I wanna simply say that don’t loose hope, do work and try as you can. If you have strong determination, than you can achieve all your goals to face all difficulties.