20 things I admire about Myself

In a quest to capitalize on this abrupt epiphany to boost up my self-esteem and have it stay there for the rest of my life, I watched this great video by Niko Everett at TEDxYouth@BommerCanyon. And what she did at the end blew me away with its results: A simple exercise to write down just 10 things that I admire about myself.

To be very honest, seemed very difficult at the start- I gulped once or twice at the thought of it. But then when I wrote the title on a blank sketch sheet in my office in the evening once in complete solitude, it started to flow in like water. I am sharing here my list that I was able to get together in a jiffy and that remarkably went on to get extended to well over 20 things. Ha!

Me to myself: Colour the canvas of your life with the brightest of them pastels, lassie!
  1. I am very cute.
  2. I am loving.
  3. I am very hardworking.
  4. I am humble.
  5. I help out others.
  6. I love my family to pieces.
  7. I am confident.
  8. I can speak eloquently.
  9. I am big on WORDS.
  10. I am God-fearing.
  11. I am smart and intelligent. (Does that count as two?)
  12. I speak the truth, without trembling or stammering.
  13. I am generous.
  14. I am BEAUTIFUL.
  15. I am healthy.
  16. I work out.
  17. I pray on time.
  18. I value friendship.
  19. I am soulful.
  20. I learn everything at my own pace.
P.S.: I will be making a new list sometime in the near future in a new story to see the effect this exercise has had on me over this passage of time. Till then, start off with your own list and see the magic unveil in your demeanour. Adios!
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