Hi. You look familiar to me.

Just keep swimming…..

Here’s to all the little Nemos out there

There should be no tide that bogs you down,

Nor any wave that can get you drowned.

If you truly understand the light that’s within you,

You would know-

there isn’t a grandeur far more than what lies in you.

Set afloat your fears, you can net ’em all at once,

You are mightier than the thunder, just trust yourself for once.

Never ever doubt the flow,

You are the sail, the hull, the anchor in your own boat.

Just let the flow take you through its due course,

Never let the echoes make you feel low.

You have all it takes to make it in the ocean with ’em all,

Just believe in yourself, and let the drift help you bellow.

From the nooks of the current, I can hear your arrival,

You are not far off, let not your fin stay in denial,

Flap harder to move ahead,

You have to believe in the unwinding path that has lead

You to believe that you can swim so well on your own,

And that you are complete in your form.

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