You are my day and night

And sunrise and sunset

You are my sun and moon

And the stars you took.

You are my words and actions

And my reality and fantasy

You are my all and half

You are the air i enhaled but couldnt exhale.

You are my truth and lies

You are my love and lust

You are my poison and cure

You are the eternal life and death

You are simply all the dualities.

You are the pain that i translated in countable languages

You are the stranger in my popular fantasy,

That all my brain cells couldnt diagnose your identity.

I thought you were home

But alwyas felt sick when im around it

Funny how you made me feel after three days we met

I got attached to you in a way that cant be named, you said “Hiba its bad..”

Believe me, its out of my hand

Believe me, you are normal in an attractive way

But i didnt feel okay

Cause your eyes stole my words away.

I got addicted to every word you say, write

I got addicted to the way you fight

I got addicted to how you made quiet.

I wish you could feel what i say

And hear when i pray,

For the souls that lost their ways after the words fade away.

Once i wrote: i buried seeds whithin your face so that flowers would sprout and bloom throughout your neck.

Flowers are my inspiration, so are you.

Ill plant my heart s backyard with colourful daisies so when it beats my love will bloom for you,

My scintillating rose.


The greatest poem ive ever written, in just one word.