History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump
Tobias Stone

I would love to hear your thoughts on Hillary. While Trump does have certain concerning aspects to his personality. I think Hillary has more. People have obviously pointed out Trumps narcissism which I don’t see as something difficult to recognize. However, Hillary has been unchallenged for years and has become that of a spoiled child. When she doesn’t get her way she takes to less than savory means to achieve her goal.

I don’t mean to challenge your assertion or concern for Trump being elected. I just want to paint a broader picture that there may not be a correct choice this election. Even when taking the lesser of two evils argument.

It would be excellent to have a third option. However, any reasonable person understands that the rise of a third party will need to happen years before an election cycle. The caveat being that it has no ties to either party. It will then need to begin to gaining steam in local elections before taking the national stage.

My one glimmer of hope for a Trump presidency resides on two thoughts. The first being that he truly is an egomaniac and will not want his name tied to the complete destruction of the US or any bit of failure. The second being that he has proven to be effective at selecting the right people for the right jobs in the private sector.

As for the first thought, I also understand that this could cause a nationalist isolationism that could be concerning. But I don’t see globalism as the answer either. It has to be somewhere in the middle.

As for the second thought. I don’t think any president has as much power as people seem to think. It is the appointed officials that dictate and affect things much more. In that sense I think past presidents including Barrack Obama have gotten far more criticism than they deserved. While other have received far more praise then deserved.

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