Are you planning on taking your loved ones for a vacation? Would you love to celebrate your birthday, anniversary, or graduation with family and friends in style? While in Cartagena you definitely want to stay in a luxurious hotel, 5 star hotel, 3 star hotel or a private mansion. Hi-Cartagena we are here to fulfill your needs. We have everything it takes to make accommodation Cartagena arrangements for you. Our team consists of courteous and trained drivers, chefs, tour guides among other professionals.

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Finding your dream vacation hotel in Cartagena is very simple. Thanks to Hi-Cartagena, there a number of hotels in and around Cartagena, whether you are looking for a 5-Star hotel, 4-star hotel, 3 star hotel or boutique hotel, we are here for you. Check our website to get all the information you need about Cartagena hotels. The hotels include Hotel holiday Inn, Hotel Tropical Inn, Hotel Ananda Boutique among others

5 Star Cartagena Hotels

Cartagena a city rich of cultural, historical and all kinds of extraordinary beauty can’t be explored in a just a day but two or three days. Yes, a beautiful and colorful city as Cartagena deserves to be explored for a given period of time; some days or even a week. Having said so, you definitely need a place to lay your head or rest. This magical city has a number of famous luxurious hotels that you can check into. You can contact us to make arrangements for you. Hi-Cartagena will assign a professional driver to pick you at the airport to your favorite five-star hotel and also take you around the city.

All Cartagena five stars hotel have gained a trusted reputation over the years for the best quality of everything including guest entertainment, food offered, in and out room amenities among other services. We provide you with a guide to selecting the best hotel for you, we will provide you with an updated list of all five star hotels that in and around Cartagena as well as a list of the hotels amenities and facilities. This way, you will be able to compare the hotels and select the right one for you. We also provide you with a detail map of all the hotel surroundings so that you can select the hotel that is nearest the most important tourist attraction to you.

4 star Cartagena hotels

Would you love to stay, eat, drink, and get entertained at a four-star hotel in Cartagena, Colombia? Hi-Cartagena, we are here to provide you with all the information as well as arrangement you need to get the best four-star hotel in Cartagena. We will provide with a list, maps, photos and any other thing you need to choose the best hotel for you and your family. If you are a little tight on budget you can also be able to filter the best 5-star hotel in terms of price.

When you make a 4-star hotel reservation with us, we will definitely provide you with all the necessary details of your hotel room such hotel contacts, direction, and information of any nearby tourist site among other things.

3 star Cartagena hotels

The best thing about Cartagena you can never lack a place to stay no matter your preference or financial status. In this historical town there are also numerous 3-star hotels you can check in. Not only are they affordable but they are classic and colorful too. At Hi-Cartagena we will help you in making all the necessary arrangement. Whether you are looking for a hotel that is nearby the beaches, in or around the city, Hi-Cartagena we are here for you.

Boutique hotels

Boutique hotels are the ideal places to reach imaginable height of happiness. Most boutique hotels found in Cartagena have all the luxurious experience you need. Would you love to celebrate your honeymoon in style? Then book one of the most peaceful and harmonious accommodation places in Cartagena- Ananda Hotel Boutique. Make your stay in Cartagena memorable by making arrangements with Hi-Cartagena for a room in one of the lovely Boutique hotels of Cartagena.

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