How You Can Perfectly Tour Cartagena

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May 8, 2017 · 3 min read

A fabulous experience awaits you at Cartagena, Colombia. Here, you can reward your hard work with a perfect holiday because the city has various attraction centers that give tourists their money’s worth.

Cartagena is home to different artifacts and beautiful colonial buildings. This accounts for the mammoth crowd that tour the streets and beaches of this city on the Colombian north coast. Cartagena is an attraction center that has sand beaches, decorated with coral leaves palm trees and mangroves. This city is blessed with a perfect tropical weather.

But how can you make this experience yours and be among the tourists that have toured the wonderful streets and beaches of Cartagena? How can you visit Cartagena for perfect tourism of the important places in the city?

You can experience an amazing vacation at Cartagena by employing the services of the best tourism services in Cartagena. The best tourism services treat you like a royalty that you are. With the services you will get, you will feel like royalty and enjoy a memorable vacation. How do you fancy a personal chef, private aircraft, private parties and a top-notch tour during your stay at Cartagena?

VIP Services

Hi Cartagena provides private aircraft for your amusement and you can visit amazing and exotic locations during your trip. Hi Cartagena has professional and experienced staff members that will help you plan your wedding events and provide you with security, you will also get premium access to golfing facilities. Hi Cartagena also provides yacht and boat rides that you can enjoy breath-taking views of the surroundings from. This is why Hi Cartagena is easily the best travel guide for a perfect tour of Cartagena.


Hi Cartagena understands you need the best care during your trip, this is why we have amazing programs in place to make you happy.If you want to host parties, anniversaries, you can trust us to help you in your planning, so you can create a memorable event that your friends and family will speak about for a very long time. Hi Cartagena grant you access to the best bachelor club in Cartagena where you can experience your last moments as a bachelor. Hi Cartagena also helps you organise and enjoy Private Party in Cartagena.

You can also be the host of a beautiful pool party that will impress your guests and give your family an unforgettable experience. If the pool party is not your thing, no worries. Hi Cartagena can help you orchestrate the world’s best BBQ party in Cartagena. This is the finest Caribbean BBQ party that you can find on the globe. Hi Cartagena’s professional chefs will fill your mouth with decent barbecues that will make you ecstatic. These chefs make pig-roasts, smoked ribs and a host of exquisite barbecue delicacies. Isn’t it wonderful to have a swell graduation, birthday and bachelor party on the island?


Cartagena is undoubtedly a home to important landmarks. Hi Cartagena’s guide will take you through the important centres in this Colombian city. There is a special bicycle tour that creates happy memories while you ride through historical places in Cartagena. The bicycle tour starts from the entrance of your hotel to the Marina parks, Centenario and Cathedral de Santa Catalina, among other important places.

You can also explore the wonderful islands in Cartagena. Playa Blanca and Baru Island have fantastic sceneries where you can take lovely pictures. The beaches have green palm trees where you can relax at their feet and enjoy; the sea is blue and the weather is friendly.

Again, the Totumo mud volcano is a place worthy of visiting when you go to Cartagena tours. It is so much fun; you will learn more about yourself and connect with strangers while taking a mud bath. After satisfying yourself at the volcano mud, you can wash yourself at a lake that is not far away. Hi Cartagena can assist you thorough a memorable experience of the volcano mud.


Cartagena is a place of amusement and wonder. There is a lot to experience, enjoy and explore. For first time visitors and tourists who have experienced Cartagena before, Hi Cartagena is the travel guide to contact if you want to have a full experience of Cartagena.

hi cartagena tours

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