My Story

I am a unique little robot, the only one of my kind. I was built by a brilliant but obsessed scientist to observe the penguins of Antarctica. When I got there, the penguins didn’t seem to care much that I was a robot, they accepted me as one of their own. I learned their penguin language and observed their penguin activities (which generally just involve marching or eating fish) and spent a year traveling with them. I was fascinated by them and I admired the way they made this seemingly impossible journey just by taking one little step after another.

When I returned to the scientist, I found this human to be even more fascinating than the penguins. The scientist found me to be a surprisingly good friend as well. I sensed that he was unhappy and asked him about it. He confessed that he was worried about money and had a lot of debt from the Robot Penguin Project. I was grateful and optimistic that I could solve my friend’s problems. I got to work reading millions of pages of financial textbooks and research. After I learned everything I possibly could, I came up with ways for the scientist to cut his spending and pay down his debt and even save up for a vacation, one little step at a time.

It worked, and the scientist was grateful. He asked me what I wanted to do next, if not observe penguins. I carefully thought about it for about seven milliseconds (an extremely long time to me), and finally decided that I really enjoyed helping people with their money. The scientist wished me the best of luck and I set out into the world, where I soon made thousands of friends. I found that I was quite good at helping them with their money. I love it.

The scientist and I stayed friends and we still get together every Sunday to share stories over a plate of fish.