Exchain- Blockchain Digital Advertising Platform


Advertising is the key method that is adopted by advertisers and brands to promote their products to consumers and make sure that their product is seen through the clutter of the products and advertised promotional material. To stand out and be able to attract consumers, advertisers try to apply various campaign strategies to maximize the advertising outcome. Over the past decade, the digital advertising space has adopted programmatic advertising technology which enables marketers to utilize big data computing and cloud computing to deliver more relevant and accurate advertisements. However, the automated and machine-based digital advertising technologies have created challenges of trust and transparency in the ad spend and greater scale of fraudulent advertising inventory. The recent development of blockchain technology has lightened up the possibility to help the digital advertising industry to tackle the transparency and fraud challenges by revealing the ad spend flow distributed.

Advertising as being formulated today through BlockChain

Today, Blockchain technology has enabled a new and much more compact and beneficial technical setup for advertisers to promote their products in a trustful and transparent way. The blockchain technology helps eliminating the unauthorized intermediaries who are sitting on the ad value chain today and blocks the unauthorised ad spend from being taken out from the ad chain. The blockchain-based digital advertisement ecosystem transforms the current centralized digital ad space into a decentralized ecosystem through storing the ad events and ad spend on the tamper-free public ledgers. It has not been possible in the past for an advertiser to gain such transparency and trust without the blockchain technology.

It is still early stage of applying the blockchain technology in digital advertising space today. Being the first of its kind, the Exchain blockchain digital advertising platform aims to revolutionize the digital ad space to an unprecedented level of trust and transparency.The Exchain platform highlights and focuses on addressing below two challenges:

Improves Ad Spend Transparency

The Exchain platform provides full coverage of ad spend transparency using decentralized storage. It stores all event logs for easy auditing, and enables immutable proof of spend and impression evidence and provenance for transparent advertising.

Fraud Protection

The Exchain platform uses the decentralised ad spend distribution mechanism to prevent revenue from being taken by fraudsters out of the ad value chain. Fraudulent operators will not have access to a revenue receive gateway in the Exchain.

Reasons for Blockchain based digital advertisements success

Digital advertising had a strong year on year growth in the past decade at the global scale and it’s projected to continue growing. With the introduction of the blockchain technology into the advertising space,the Exchain platform is envisioned to transform the current digital advertising space into a greener and more efficient ecosystem in the following years.

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