Fever Scout Delivers Revolutionary Temperature-Monitoring Technology

From the company that has developed eSkin, a thin, flexible, and breathable circuit that can be worn directly on the skin, comes a new way to monitor body temperature.
Known as FeverScout, this continuous bio sensing solution is particularly effective for babies and children, but it also works well on people of all ages.

Soft and Wearable Temperature Device
Now available for pre-order, Fever Scout offers a ways to continually monitor temperatures without the poking and prodding that is so irritating when a person doesn’t feel well. Instead, this lets everyone sleep soundly knowing that, if needed, they will be alerted to temperature changes. This soft wearable thermometer, made from silicone and polyurethane, monitors temperature around the clock and sends that data to an iOS or Android-based tablet or smartphone. It even can be set to notify a person if the fever reaches a certain level. All of this works thanks to wireless Bluetooth 4.1 capabilities.

Big Data on Small (and Not So Small) People
The landscape view on a smartphone or tablet provides a visual graph of fever and temperature trends. With this plotted data, it is easy to see when a fever started and when it peaked as well as where the effective anti-fever treatments started working.

All this data can then also be shared with a physician for more informed treatment decisions. At the Ready

The temperature monitor can last at least a week in use before it has to be recharged with the docking station. The patch quickly recharges and is ready to be used for the next patient in the household.

Shipping in Early 2016
This extremely convenient way to keep kids healthy and monitor their temperatures in a way that lets everyone sleep is available for just $59. The patch comes with a USB cable, the app, ten adhesives and a charging dock. The Fever Scout is ready to ship in early 2016.