Cleo acquires, partners with Julie King and Playfully to support working parents with kids up to age five

Hi Cleo
Hi Cleo
Nov 4 · 4 min read

By Amruta Moktali, Chief Product Officer, Cleo

Cleo was created with the simple belief that modern families deserve better support to succeed at work and at home. Parenthood can be one of the most exciting (and overwhelming) experiences that a person goes through, yet the healthcare system leaves us with unanswered questions and critical gaps in care. Cleo provides a new kind of support system leveraged by thousands of families globally through an app and expansive network of experts.

Today, we are unveiling some major updates that will expand our offering in several important new ways that will help us support families. We’re excited to announce that Cleo has acquired, a chatbot technology that brings research-based tips and tools to parents.

The acquisition will enable us to introduce our first free offering and also unveil Cleo Kids, an expanded offering from Cleo focused on the early years of childhood, for families with children up to the age of five. In addition to the personalized support Cleo already provides, Cleo Kids will also include exclusive content from our new partners which include best selling author Julie King and the child-development app Playfully. Cleo Kids will be available to enterprise customers as an additional product to support more of their employees.

Our first free offering for families

While we’re seeing exciting growth and traction amongst enterprises globally, we recognize that not everyone works at a company with amazing benefits that include offerings like Cleo. With the acquisition of, we’ll now support a product that is available directly to families through a Facebook chatbot, in addition to our robust offering for businesses which we’ll continue to grow globally. We’ll be working to further build out the product that has developed as we integrate it seamlessly into Cleo.

“We’re thrilled to offer support to families with kids ages two to five using technology, free of charge. Supporting all families, regardless of income, employment or socioeconomic status has always been important to me personally and part of the long term vision of Cleo.”

— Shannon Spanhake, Founder, Cleo

Bringing AI into our technology

ParentSpark uses a chatbot to provide parents with compassionate wisdom and a safe space to learn and grow. The company will help us explore how we can use AI to further enhance the support we are providing families today. Our Cleo guides will always be what makes our product amazing and unique, which is why we’ll continue to invest in our amazing network of experts as the backbone of our product. As an extension of this, we envision a world where a simple conversation with Cleo can surface up the precise information and resources that a parent needs, at the right moment. We also aspire to build an experience that is differentiated for each member of a family and Parent Spark represents an important step in making this a reality.

Introducing Cleo Kids, with content by best-selling parenting author Julie King and Playfully

Because our product is often considered an invaluable resource for families, we’re constantly hearing requests from parents and employers for Cleo to continue supporting parents beyond the baby’s first birthday. ParentSpark’s focus on toddler support will also allow us to enrich Cleo support for parents with kids to the age of five. Whether it’s helping out with potty training or deciding when it’s time for a child to sleep alone, employers will now be able to offer Cleo support to more of their employees as they continue to navigate the challenges of parenting.

As an important part of Cleo for Kids, families will have access to exclusive content including videos, Q&As and articles from parent educator Julie King, the best-selling co-author with Joanna Faber of the book “How to Talk so LITTLE Kids Will Listen” and the companion app, Pocket Parent. Additionally, child development app Playfully will provide proven play ideas for infants, toddlers and preschoolers as a part of Cleo for Kids. Families using Cleo will also get discounts to join Playfully if they’re interested in additional support and guidance around the benefits of play.

“What a great idea to partner with employers to give parents all around the world the support they need. I’m excited to be part of Cleo’s new program providing a wide range of resources to make life with little kids easier and more joyful.”

- Julie King, parent educator and best-selling co-author with Joanna Faber of “How to Talk so LITTLE Kids Will Listen” and the companion app, Pocket Parent

Today’s news is especially exciting for me personally, as it represents a major milestone that we’ve reached since I joined Cleo three months ago as the company’s Chief Product Officer. It’s inspiring to be a part of a team that truly cares about one another and the families its serving as we continue to grow at a fast pace. Stay tuned to see where today’s news takes us as we support families for longer and in new ways, as we have a long journey ahead to achieve our mission.

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