Welcome Amruta Moktali As Cleo’s First Chief Product Officer

Jul 16, 2019 · 2 min read

We are thrilled to welcome Amruta Moktali to the Cleo team as our first Chief Product Officer. Amruta has a passion for building amazing products that are supported by data, artificial intelligence and analytics. She comes to Cleo from Salesforce, where she was VP of Product Management for Einstein Analytics, an AI software that changed the way enterprises make decisions with machine learning and data. Before that, she also worked on the Salesforce Platform, which offers tools for developers. Before Salesforce, she was Head of Product at Topsy Labs, a company that Apple acquired help power some of their deep search capabilities. Today, she lives in San Francisco with her husband and two daughters.

Her experience and perspective will make a significant impact on the evolution of our product. Our investors have made the analogy that “Cleo is the Salesforce of parenthood” and we agree! Like Salesforce, Cleo is a platform that sits on top of a stack that includes a range of different tools. We provide a single product that allows parents to manage all of the services, resources and support tools they might need before, during and after pregnancy, adoption or surrogacy.

“As a working mom of two, I’ve experienced firsthand many of the personal challenges that come with starting a family while growing a career. This sparked my initial interest in the concept behind Cleo, but I was convinced I needed to join the company after hearing the remarkable feedback and passionate responses from families using the product. Cleo stands apart because it’s the only company set up to provide comprehensive support to parents across the globe. The product should be table stakes at every company, everywhere, and I want to help them get there through product development and innovation.”

Amruta Moktali, Chief Product Officer, Cleo

Amruta is joining at an exciting time. Companies everywhere are putting new energy behind ways to better support working parents and are continuing to turn to Cleo as a result. Businesses like Box, Cooley LLP, eBay, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Slack, Straus Family Creamery, and Uber depend on our product as a way to go above and beyond for employees, and the response from families has been incredible.

More than 500,000 families in more than 70 countries have access to Cleo — but this is just the beginning. With Amruta on board leading the product, Cleo is set up to serve more families and businesses across the globe, whether it’s a single mom in Sydney, two dads and their surrogate in Munich, or parents that are adopting their first child in Boston. Every family deserves a better support system, and we’re here to build it.

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A family support system that employers offer to working parents — from considering, to conception, to kids.

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