An Interview with the Masari Development Team

Lord Catoshi
Nov 22, 2018 · 3 min read

I decided to learn more about Masari (MSR). This is an interview with the Development Team of Masari. Enjoy reading and share on social media if you like or learn from this interview.

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The Masari Logo and style. Click on the picture to go to the Masari website.

Could you briefly describe what Masari is?

Masari (MSR) is a scalability focused privacy coin. The project has ongoing software development with a unique community driven roadmap.

Could you describe the vision for Masari?

Masari’s vision is to solve cryptocurrency’s biggest hurdle to mass adoption — scalability. This vision is being achieved by new protocols that we’ve introduced into the space, as well as future ones, providing theoretically unbounded TPS and very low network latency, necessary requirements for reaching the goal of providing people a sound alternative means of private money.

What value will Masari bring to users?

Masari’s vision is to provide users an easy to use network with all scaling challenges resolved, such that users of the network don’t need to know or worry about such requirements, and at scale are able to do what they need to do, whether it be transfer of value or managing tokenized assets.

With what strengths and features does it bring this value?

We’re currently preparing our design and implementation of the SECOR protocol to be released into mainnet. This delivers uncle mining that brings faster blocks, rewards miners for orphaned blocks, and improves network security. Prior improvements that provide stability in the network have been in difficulty adjustment algorithms, where the network emission rate is more consistent, reliable, and resilient to adversarial attacks.

What kind of projects do you see as competitors and how do you differentiate from them?

Excluding SECOR and Blocktree which are protocols exclusive to Masari, there are many projects out there that are trying to do similar things, but most are a centralization risk that are playing with Proof of Stake (PoS), Masternodes, or on-chain Smart Contracts. These mentioned approaches are either unproven, or unnecessarily introduce security risks and complexity to the network on top of centralization concerns. With Masari, we’re trying to push forward with a more practical and simple approach to things, by providing alternative solutions that are more decentralized, durable, and reliable in the long term.

Can you tell us about important developments yet to come and why they are important?

For scalability, we’ve just mentioned SECOR, and once this is complete, we’ll be working on R&D of the Blocktree protocol. Blocktree is a PoW sharding solution that would introduce dynamically scalable, partially asynchronous partitioned sub-chains that would provide theoretically unbounded TPS. We’re looking into Real-time Authorization, an off-chain feature that would give merchants high confidence that a transaction will get confirmed, in order to fill their pending orders immediately for further processing, feasible in a simple design without the introduction of Masternodes. We’re also working on a Simple Private Tokens (SPT) proposal, digital assets that would provide a very simple and secure protocol for the end user to issue and manage their own tokens for the purpose of legal contracts or digital services, feasible in such a manner without on-chain Smart Contracts, using interchangeable off-chain architecture for any computational logic. Lastly, inspired by Cuckoo Cycles, we’re working on an I/O bound PoW that would even the playing field for miners from mobile devices to ASICs, allowing for an eco-friendly, permissionless, and secure network without the need for a PoS framework.

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The Masari Logo

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