What if it Wasn’t Sexual Assault, but Gun Violence?

Can’t believe that I’m hearing another “expert” say that women need to be better educated about safety rather than all college students needing to be educated about sexual assault, consent, and consequences. I’ve heard so many experts talk about sexual assaults on campus in wake of the creation of the Administration’s task force.

My question to the experts is this: what if it wasn’t sexual assault, but gun violence? Then what would you do?

Let’s say there is a neighborhood where 1/5 people are victims of gun violence (which is the same rate of female sexual assault victims on college campuses). How do you protect the community? Do you…

A. Hand out pamphlets that tell you what to do if you’ve been shot.

B. Have town hall meetings to inform the community how to change their behaviors, including clothing and where to walk at night, to hopefully decrease their chance becoming targets of gun violence.

C. Increase police presence in the community, enact stricter laws on attackers, and educate the community on the impact of gun violence to deter current and future generation from using violence to resolve emotional, psychological, and systemic issues.

Sexual assault is violence. Stop treating it differently.