How to Make Money Online Blogging — Includes Success Story — Pat Flynn

Earning online is a very HOT niche these days and especially earning big through blog is a dream of many bloggers. People like Darren Rowse from Problogger and Yaro Starak from Entrepreneurs Journey are one the most successful blogger who have succeeded in making 6 figure income each year, but if we look the other part, they didn’t start earning right from the start.

The BIG problem with starting bloggers is they lose the passion that they should posses until they achieve their goal, which apparently is earning 6 figure income. If you have such aim right from the start, then you might not be able to achieve your goal, because earning money from blog doesn’t happen overnight. There is a lot hard work and hours of passion writing required. Most of the top successful bloggers gain strength after 1–2 year of their start when they realize the potential of earning online through their blog.

One of the most inspiring person in this “Make Money Blogging” niche is Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income. Pat Flynn was an ordinary person doing 9–5 job, but for some reasons (economy collapse), he lost his job in 2008. It is the worst moment of life to be un-employed with no opportunity in hand, but Pat quickly changed his mind and decided to start earn himself from home. He started publishing his notes in form of a blog, which is supposed to be his first blog. As he started to write more and more quality notes, un-believably, Google placed his content on #1 result, because of the friendly blog content. He monetized his blog with Google Adsense, and within first hour, he received 3 click which added up to $1.08. This was the most amazing feeling for him, as he actually started making money! The first day he earned only $5.00, the next day it was $7.00, and then he started learning how to place ads on right places to earn more, it actually worked! Now Pat started to earn $15-$30 each day.

Thing started turning for Pat, and he decided to launch his new blog named “Smart Passive Income“. Not too far from where Pat started, he published his first income report of $7,906.55, which was purely earned from monetizing of his own product.

Pat continued his journey with passion and aim to achieve more, whilst being honest with his blog readers, and now he recently published his last month’s income report which summed up to $75,372.57.

The Key takes from this post are:

  • Never lose your passion.
  • Never plan to blog for earning money from the start, otherwise you will end up losing your passion.
  • Making money from blog doesn’t happen overnight.
  • Be honest with your blog readers and subscribers.