Emergence of Mobile Apps for Media & Entertainment Industry

Mobile App Development

Ubiquity of mobile apps comes as a no surprise with almost everyone around us carrying that pocket sized gadget with them all the time. This dependency on mobile phones is the major reason for the growth of mobile apps development and rise in the number of apps in the App Store.

The following graph tells that as of June 2016, Google Play Store features over 2,200,000 apps and Apple App stores is on the same lines with 2,000,000 apps.

Image Courtesy: statista.com

This 7 digit number clears the fact that people have been using apps every now and then for a range of tasks. Engagement of people with different categories of apps depends on consumption pattern and in-app behavior.

Impact of Mobile Apps on Media and Entertainment Industry

How does it feel to have 24*7 access to movie review, breaking news or the latest track by your favorite singer? Mobility concept has been well utilized by apps to keep people updated on latest happenings and carry out their daily tasks without any inconvenience.

Phenomenon of mobile apps came as a revolution to the media and entertainment industry. The craze for this industry among people has only increased with the introduction of apps in this category. Along with that, mobile app development for entertainment industry has seen an upsurge.

Ask a music lover how blessed he feels to have that online music playing app in mobile phone that provides uninterrupted music experience. Or, for that matter, ask a movie maniac how enjoyable it is to watch your favorite movie on the app with proper resolution and sound effects.

Peak Usage Time for Media and Entertainment Apps

Apps belonging to media and entertainment category rule morning and night times. Majority of people make the most of their morning free time by browsing through news and media apps. It’s a good way to start off your day by reading about latest happenings around you. Thus, news apps are at the peak time of their usage in mornings.

Night is the time for relaxation and this is when entertainment apps are used the most. People enjoy watching movies late nights for uninterrupted experience. Same is the case for video apps that are majorly used for watching famous television shows.

Power of Push Notifications

Push notifications keep people more engaged as they never fail to catch the attention. News apps benefit the most from push notifications as it helps them deliver breaking news to app users instantly. As soon as the user identifies something of his/her interest in the push notification, they are bound to click on it to read the complete story.

Future of Media and Entertainment Industry

Considering the popularity that mobile apps enjoy under media and entertainment category, it can be said that this craze is bound to increase with time. Mobility technology has come as a boon to media and entertainment industry.