Everything you ought to Know about Mobile Apps Development for the Legal Industry

Ever since the mobile app revolution started in 2008, it is becoming imperative for companies to keep up with the changing technology landscape. According to statistics, in 2015, global mobile app revenues amounted to 41.1 billion U.S. dollars. It is projected that consumers are projected to spend over 101 billion U.S. dollars on mobile apps via app stores by 2020.

Every industry is focused towards the effective adaptation of efficient technology that can minimize costs and maximize productivity. However, lawyers and law firms have been relatively slow to embrace the mobile revolution.

But, things are changing and one thing is abundantly clear that technology is changing and evolving at rapid pace.

Mobile apps are the new way of living. Despite a slow start, mobile apps development for the legal industry has started growing at a phenomenal pace. The sudden growth depends on understanding that providing clients with the best service is the way to boost your credibility and promote customers’ loyalty.

Also, apps can lets attorneys communicate with customers more efficiently and provide customers with legal documents directly on their mobile devices. If you are a solo practitioner or law firm looking to build an app, this article is for you. The key to building successful app lies in developing an app that aligns with the needs of firm’s audience.

If you are still having doubts about mobile application development for your law firm, here are the advantages

Here are four benefits of offering your clients a mobile app.

Always stay connected with your clients: In this fiercely competitive business world, staying connected with clients is the key to success. Mobile application helps you strengthen client relationship. It is a reassuring feeling when your client knows that you’re available through app and reaffirms your commitment towards client satisfaction. A mobile app helps you establish and build that bond.

Earn referrals with a click of a button: Your best leads come from word of mouth publicity and referrals from clients. A mobile application with online referral button makes it very easy for your clients to spread the word and make it easier for client to refer in a matter of few taps. This helps client promote your law firm/solo practice and lets you strengthen referral network.

Get Contextual: Mobile app’s push notifications and location-based features make it easy to broadcast latest changes in law to your clients in a timely fashion. You can keep clients informed. It is the best platform to share your expertise with links to reviews of your practice, legal resources, articles, or Q&As on your website.

Stand tall among Competitors: It always pays to invest in latest technology for better customer service. Mobile application shows that you are at the forefront of technology and will give you a strategic edge from your competitors. Mobile application provides an avenue for your overall branding activities.

Think about Customers first

At first, law firms’ apps were merely replicas of firm website or more like law brochures and didn’t offer much functionality and feedback. But the notion has changed; apps are now considered effective tools with the potential for serving clients for increased level of customer satisfaction.

Here are some basic features that legal apps for customers can possess to encourage their advocacy:

  • Synchronization of mobile app with firm’s website
  • Integration with social media platforms to spread the word to your customers
  • Push notifications to keep customers informed
  • Secure live chat
  • Sending files securely via Drop Box
  • Video case studies, interactive diagrams, and supporting documents
  • FAQs, tutorials and email courses