Nearing the Future: Website Design and Logo Trends of 2017

As the year 2016 comes to an end and the excitement of New Year builds up, we look back at the website trends and new technologies that dominated the 2016 era. While the flashback of these highlights plays in our minds, business minds pause a moment to wonder what would be the possible website design trends that would rule 2017.

To think a step ahead is wiser than blindly following competitor’s strategies. Why wait for your fellow industry experts to embrace the trend? When you have enough experience, expertise and knowledge, you need not wait more!

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Be the first one to correctly predict 2017 website design trends to enhance your brand name by walking on the path of innovation:

  1. Design elements that are content-friendly

While the design of the website should be appealing to eyes, it should not compromise with the readability of the content. Placement of design elements should be done strategically that it enhances the look of website thereby enabling visitors to keep eyes on the content.

2. Scalable Vector Graphics

Courtesy: Wikipedia

Website designing and development is best done in co-ordination to complement each other and give out the best outcome. Scalable Vector Graphics SVG) is gaining a lot of popularity off lately to implement customization on traditional mage formats like JPG, PNG, and GIF.

Being scalable, these graphics are resolution independent. They appear in appropriate size on screens of all sizes. In addition to that, vector nature of these images make it appear clearer and brighter than those that are pixel based.

3. GIF and 3D Geometric Images

Courtesy: wix

Images that look live are preferred by people. That’s the major reason for growing trend of GIFs that give an effect of moving object. Realistic appearance is appreciated and with this approach, 3-Dimensional geometric shaped images are used frequently for illustration purposes.

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Let’s talk about brand logo that is the face of your company. An image that represents your brand should be up-to-date as per the current market norms and people’s likes and preferences. From using typography to simplifying the logo, following pointers discuss the predicted logo trends of 2017:

  1. Typography in Logo Design
Courtesy: Pentagram
Courtesy: Bravo

Painting colors, spray painted fonts and stencil styles are now monotonous. As they have been excessively used, these formats no more succeed in attracting the attention of audience. Logo that looks clear and has unique appearance is always remembered.

2017 is set to welcome broken letters in logo to mark for a stylish cum decent look of the brand.

2. Simplicity, at its best

Courtesy: Pentagram
Courtesy: Pentagram

Brand logo can be abstract, but do not make it look messy. Simplicity is regaining its importance in terms of logo design. Clear text with clean visuals is recognized faster than messy logos. Keep it simple for users to remember, giving it an immaculate and neat look.

3. Say no to too many colors

Courtesy: Kisa Design

Single, double or say using as few colors as possible is a good idea. Instead of choosing rainbow colors in a single logo, keep it simpler in look by using minimum number of colors. Logos that use one or two colors look more attractive and clean in appearance. In short, fewer colors speak louder than multiple colors.

4. Abstract concept and Geometry

Courtesy: Spin

Photographic or meaningful abstract representation makes the brand logo looks smart. Such logos are powerful in itself to create a long lasting impression on the minds of viewers. Straight lines or curved arches positioned by rotating as necessary to form company name or initials will continue to be in trend even in 2017.

What are your picks for the next year?

Discussed above are predicted trends (based on current interests of people) that would rule 2017. Among these many major design and logo trends, which one do you find meaningful to inculcate in your next design project?