Top Website Design Trends to Watch Out in 2017

Whether it is website design or development, trends change at a rapid pace. While some industry trends come and go, some trends become a standard norm necessitated by user preferences, usability or industry shifts.

User experience is at the crux of design trends. Simply put in the words of a legend Late Steve Jobs “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

As users’ expectations for a seamless and integrated experience continues to grow — especially for products or services with complex functionality — UX becomes an increasingly critical component for success.

As 2016 draws to an end, we take a peek into the future of web design trends for 2017 that will help enhance the user experience.

Here are the trends that are likely to shape 2017


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Gone are those primitive days when typography was considered an afterthought. Fast forward to today, typography is an extremely powerful visual medium to evoke emotions and connect with users. Beautiful and hand-written typography are on rise. It is all about experimenting with colors, spacing, as well as amalgamating images and mixing different fonts.

Death of Stock Images


Stock photography will be a passé. It will be an era of authentic and real-life images. Selfies or head-on camera pictures of real world and people from different walks of life will be a new norm. Images make your website story more believable. The rule would be using effective and genuine imagery for web.

Custom-Made Illustrations


Stock icons will make way for custom-made illustrations. Everything that makes your site looks like a cookie cutter website will phase out. Hand drawn and custom-made illustrations that give sites an innovative visual layer and a unique website experience will be a differentiating factor that will help sites to steer ahead of competitors.


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Ever since technology giants such as Google and Pinterest popularized the use of cards, this trend has picked up. There seems to be no stopping Cards UI. This particular approach allows dividing content into smaller and easily understandable format. Considering the fact that today’s users have a short attention span and memory of goldfish, Cards UI allows arranging content in manageable and easy-to-search manner for both large and small businesses.

Scalable Vector Graphics

SVGs (scalable vector graphics) offers more advantages compared to conventional image formats like JPG, PNG, and GIF. As name suggests, SVGs are made up of scalable vectors making them resolution-independent. This makes images look good on different devices and screens, eliminating the hassle of getting images retina-ready. However, the main benefit about using SVG is page speed as they don’t require HTTP requests that can slow down your sites. The cool thing about HTTP is that they don’t require HTTP requests.

Brighter Color, Bold Statements, Striking Gradients

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Design is now more focused on providing information that’s highly contextual and relevant. Focus now shifts towards content and strategically using design to accentuate content. It is an era of dedicating major screen real estate to a single and bold statement encompassing details of product or service.

These powerful statements with minimalist aesthetics, bright, and bold color have become the new norm. And it is not just about bold statements and bright color either. Gradients are also making a big comeback, blending bright hues.

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Rise of Bots

Interactivity is becoming the new norm. Gone are the days when websites provided static information. Websites are now getting more and more interactive with the rise of chatbots. One of the most common types of use on business sites is chat windows to engage users. Chatbots are very popular and are getting more in demand. The fact that interactivity and bots are now in common use creates new avenues for developers. Bots now reply to clients convincingly and giving user a positive experience interacting with them.

Full-Screen Videos

Good UI design is all about capturing the attention of a user and grabbing eyeballs. Strong imagery and typography are a great way to entice user. A full-screen video draws attention, providing a great starting point for visual storytelling and as an introduction of your company. This is a great way to start the conversation with a user that is powerful and memorable.

Videos and Animations

Videos and animations are gaining momentum. On-screen animations are quick and easy way to engage users and add a highly interactive dimension to the page. However, in some cases animation could turn out to be a whammy and distract the user. The key lies in effective execution. This can be entertaining only if executed properly. A simple and animated background can give your website a personality and improve visibility of your site.


Often dubbed as moving photos, cinemagraphs are gaining popularity. Cinemagraphs are still photographs where minor or repeated movement occurs forming a video clip. They usually come in subtle animations but don’t distract you from your message. Cinemagraphs are published in GIF format, but unlike the GIFs they give an illusion that viewer is watching an animation.

Cinemagraphs allows showing content online in a very engaging way without distracting users. With cinemagraphs, you can save a lot of bandwidth compared to animation while still satisfying that need for motion.

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These are website design trends that might dominate 2017 and beyond. However, remember that blindly emulating trends will not help. It is important to keep user needs in mind for action and increased conversion ratio.