The Connection: Hollywood Pedophilia, Sexual Assault, and Political Elites

What connections can we draw between Hollywood pedophilia, sexual assault, and political elites? Why does it happen, and why is so much of it hidden for decades? The recent discussion over Harvey Weinstein is just the tip of the iceberg for Hollywood sexual scandals. And it follows an even more troubling pattern of connection with powerful (political) elites.

It is no secret that wealthy, powerful people of any industry tend to intermingle — it’s just good for business. But when rape and pedophilia allegations come out from the top, it’s increasingly more important to consider the overall picture.

And the overall picture is clear: there is a big problem in Hollywood.

It’s interesting looking at this from an outsider perspective. Hollywood is a (self-proclaimed) bastion of morality and ‘progress’. Champions of what some call “virtue signalling“. Yet, when allegations and evidence of horrific displays of pedophilia and rape come to light — many look the other way.

In this article I want to go through some of the examples of Hollyweird behavior, and point out how deep this problem runs. Specifically, I want to show that Harvey is not some isolated incident, and that this has been going on for a long time. Your theater money, and our degenerating culture, funds this madhouse of Moloch.

Hollywood Pedophilia, Sexual Assault, and Connections to Political Elites

Specific Individuals [Needing Mention]

Harvey Weinstein

Our story begins with the most recent. Harvey Weinstein has been under a lot of scrutiny after numerous (at this stage, >15) people have come out and claimed that Harvey has sexually assaulted/harassed hundreds of women over decades.

Three of these women have claimed Weinstein raped them.

A clear question after hearing of these claims is “Why didn’t they come forward when it happened”? I believe The New Yorker answers this fairly aptly:

Virtually all of the people I spoke with told me that they were frightened of retaliation. “If Harvey were to discover my identity, I’m worried that he could ruin my life,” one former employee told me.
Many said that they had seen Weinstein’s associates confront and intimidate those who crossed him, and feared that they would be similarly targeted. Four actresses, including Mira Sorvino and Rosanna Arquette, told me they suspected that, after they rejected Weinstein’s advances or complained about them to company representatives, Weinstein had them removed from projects or dissuaded people from hiring them.
Multiple sources said that Weinstein frequently bragged about planting items in media outlets about those who spoke against him; these sources feared that they might be similarly targeted. Several pointed to Gutierrez’s case, in 2015: after she went to the police, negative items discussing her sexual history and impugning her credibility began rapidly appearing in New York gossip pages.
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