Pedro Rodriguez is the player that Liverpool should pull to the team in the next season to make more successful

If talking about form of Brendan Rodgers from Liverpool this season. Can’t deny this season Liverpool have disappointing performance as they can’t snatch any championship either step up into top four zone. Although, the last season they made good performance by reach league second best which clearly see the last season form was very disappointed.

For their disappointed performance by this season because of the missing of forward Luis Suárez plus the new forward is not good enough which it cause to mastering the game and performance. By this reason, if Liverpool want better performances, they need to find new forward and the one that fit in is Pedro Rodriguez, the best winger from Barcelona which has rumor about rolling into other team.

The reason that why Pedro Rodriguez is the fit player for Liverpool and best choice to pull into Liverpool because of his excellent style will respond to Liverpool and add more aggressive to the team because Pedro Rodriguez can play in both forward and winger which he has strong point to finish the game. And also Pedro Rodriguez playing style is suit with Liverpool performance plus he wants the chance to get continually in game. If Liverpool proposal will get highly chance to get him which performing fee might not too high. This is why Liverpool might choose Pedro Rodriguez to the team.

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