You know when you just hear that song and it resonates with everything you stand for and leaves a lasting vibration in your body from its lyrics? I’ve had that feeling with other songs, but I just didn’t write about it. So I’m going to write about Capsize by FRENSHIP (why caps though) and Emily Warren.

Up at night I’m awake ’cause it haunts me
That I never got to say what I wanted

Basically story of my life. I’m such a timid person that people assume I don’t care about my surroundings. Every time I return from a mildly social setting, I think of all the possible ways I could have approached the situation differently. I don’t like to speak what’s on my mind around strangers and it bothers me how some people are just so naturally outgoing and outspoken. Whatever, at least I can relate to the instagram/tumblr posts about staying up late with so many thoughts.

I’m not the same as I was with you
I would jump out my skin just to get you

When people get to know me, they realize I’m weird and funny and deep and shallow all at the same time. But my first impression skills are not up to par. I interpret the word “skin” in the song as referring to the thick layer of resting bitch BODY that I exude. Oh well, at least there ain’t no one who can take advantage of me because people are scared of me (true story).

How could you have ever known
If I never let it show, now I just wanna know are you?

Literally preach. I want people to know about me by just looking at me. Whoa, wouldn’t that be a good invention. Google glasses reinvented — you can scan an entire person’s personality. Nice. Anyways, FRENSHIP/Emily Warren finally understands that the person they’re talking to doesn’t know who they are because they bottle up their emotions. Now doesn’t that sound familiar…

I’m fine

When a girl says “I’m fine,” it really means…-cut to 49023 memes-. But really, I try to put on a mask to cover up my emotions. I pride myself on being able to hold back my true feelings to fit what’s “appropriate” for the moment. However, at the same time, it takes away from the situation if I can’t stand up for who I am and what I’m feeling. But you read the memes, so you get the meaning of the lyric.

Drop tears in the morning
Give in to the lonely

Basically, when you’re alone in the morning, cry about your lack of social skills and then resign to your inability to interact with people. Thanks, these are really good life lessons. I like to be alone. I love to blast music or blast Scandal on Netflix and just talk to myself and think about my feelings.

Capsize, I’m first in the water
Too close to the bottom

I guess the water represents the bowels of life. So if you don’t have good social skills, then you fall off the boat of life first and sink to the bottom from where it’s hard to return. That sounds about right. I wait too long to join social situations, so when I join conversations in the middle after I have built up my courage, people just roll their eyes at me (which is a pretty appropriate response).

I’m right back where I started
Said I’m fine

Yeah, I would say this is a pretty good ending to the first part of the song. I make no progress because of my extreme shyness and pretend that I’m okay with it. So basically, this girl was unable to describe her true feelings, realized it was too late, fell in the water, and made no progress with the person she was talking to. She’s fine and I’m fine.

I’m too lazy to do the rest of the song, but I’m really vibing with these lyrics. Okay, I’m going to continue to listen to this song on repeat for the next 36 hours until I want to destroy this song from the Internet.

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