please don’t KMS because FML

The phrases FML and KMS are used in everyday text language. Do you realize how scary that is? For some people, these small phrases don’t hold any meaning, and they repeat it every other sentence. When they get a bad grade on a test, their favorite restaurant doesn’t do DoorDash, or they don’t know what to wear.

I take these phrases so seriously. There are so many mental health issues surrounding me in my community. I used to brush it away as something that happened to other people. But I recently learned that one of my closest friends is battling mental health issues. She is happy, friendly, and sarcastic, and I care about her so much. But when she says FML or KMS, I get scared. I get scared because I don’t know if she means them in the common text lingo or if she actually means them. These phrases have become so intertwined into our text language that we won’t realize if they are truly a cry for help.

Every time she has a delayed response when I am texting her, I get scared. What if she actually acted upon what she was saying? I get so scared that I can’t focus on any of my work. I get so scared that I contemplate calling her home phone and making sure that she is just practicing her instrument or that her computer randomly crashed.

I truly believe that FML and KMS should we wiped from our vocabularies. When living in an upper middle class world, surrounded by amazing education, caring family and friends, and an abundance of opportunities, how could anyone fuck their life? One small setback doesn’t mean that the person’s entire life is a failure. This idea needs to be erased from my Silicon Valley bubble’s mind. How could these small first world problems make people want to kill themselves? They shouldn’t, but text language is perpetuating the problem.

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