I am spending time in Singapore now. Honestly speaking, I don’t feel “Happy New Year” like what I felt in Japan. I don’t know why and whether it is good or bad. But I went to bed at 9pm yesterday on 31 Dec and waked up 5am today on 1 Jan as usual, and am writing this now.

Even though I don’t feel “Happy New Year”, I should write my forecast in 2017 and manifest in 2018.

In 2017
1. SEGNEL had shifted from investment to venture building mainly. Our building companies are http://www.perrocompany.com/ which became the biggest online pet shop in Singapore, https://www.adventoro.com/ which sells the most number of adventure tour in Malaysia now and just started “e-Sports business”.
2. SEGNEL launched the new office in Malaysia. Already packed…..
3. 6 over 16 our portfolio companies were reached break even, and good time for big growth.
4. I stopped joining the startup’s event except my very close friend’s one. At the same time did’t accept media interview as well.
Since It’s not good timing to get them recently, I had focused my business and daily operation instead of event and media activity. I will do again near future.
5. I personally completed Ironman70.3 Bintan.
6. I had kept my slow eating and standard weight.
7. I completed “no alcohol” for 21 days.

In 2018
1. I continue creating the business and make growth with entrepreneurs.
2. We will do “business”. It means that we make our customers happy and earn money.
3. SEGNEL will do “e-Sports” business seriously.(just testing and MVP now)
4. Perro, our pet business will be 3 times growth.
5. Adventoro, our travel business will start the business in SEA region.(only in Malaysia now)
6. I continue to have the training for triathlon.
7. I keep my 7–8 hours sleep.(average)
8. Less alcohol

I really appreciate my friends, my suppotors and my families.
Wish everyone’s health and happiness.