The two thing which “Dead poet society” let me think about education.

My favorite movie is “ Dead poet society” This movie let me think three things about education. Before I watch this movie, I’m interested in education. I think, 21st century’s education should be different from 20st century education. This is because there are global and technology evolution in 21st century. Evolution changes many systems and our values. For example, before Meiji era, people having a sword was so cool for everyone. After Meiji era, people having a sword was arrested by the police. So, We must find new education system in new century. Many schools in Japan are obsolete and ridiculous. This movie gave me some clue about new education. I want to share this aspect with you. Let me explain.

1.Why do you think Mr.Keeting’s advice to Neil is good ? Why or Why not? If not, what advice would you have given?

I think that Mr.Keeting advice is good. This is because Mr.Keeting think twice about Neil and advice for Neil. So, his advice must give a great influence on Neil. I think that Mr.Keeting is real good teacher. If I give advice to Neil, I give two advices.

First, write merits and demerits you think on paper. Writing on paper is key point. When you write on paper, you realize that your problem is simple that you think.

Second, I respect Steve Jobs. He said “ If today was the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” I think that your answer has been “no” for too many days in a row, I think you heed to change something. Your parent’s opinion is secondary.

2.Who killed Neil?

Todd said “ Neil father killed Neil” I don’t think so. I think that Neil was killed by the wrong education. Today, the education robbed the students of creativity. The education has the problems. In the past, because of needs of industrial society.

The government gave top priority to a subject necessary to work. “Don’t play the music, Because you do not become a musician.” “Don’t play the art. Because you do not become a artist.” It is about time to change the education. People should leave the simple task the computer. The era need the creativity.

But the government have been tought that it is worst to fail. The original thing is not born if afraid that it is wrong. The talent is destroyed by the education. I think that this problem’s are two. First, the diversity of talent. Let me explain this.

Many schools gave the same priority to sports and art and music as language and math. Picaso said “All the children are born artist. The problem is how an artist continue being enough” Many schools have been gave the top priority to math and language.

Of course, the two are important, but it isn’t sufficient by a widespread curriculum. The present public education is intended to produce university professors. Only a university professor is not the human highest peak. The university professor is only one way of life.

Second, the power of technology. The education venture academy or Moocs. This is online education. By this system, even the student who is wherever of the world can take a first-class class. And a more interesting point is that the time when a student interchanges with other student and teachers can increase.

Until now, all student turned to the same direction and a month was shut and was expressionless in the classroom. This is inhuman experience. high quality education is apt to be affected by the number teachers per student but, in fact, should be affected at the time of the valuable human teacher per students.

The teacher can concentrate on the students by online education without sparing time for many test and many lectures. The teacher can change education into a human thing from inhuman thing using technology. This is cool and amazing. This is justice.

In conclusion, I went Stanford event in golden week. In this Event, The professor said “ Even Stanford university is late” So, many education of various countries must be late. The talent is not dead and sleeps. The talent is waiting that it keeps on appropriate condition.

Therefore the schools will overflow with many talents if they change the condition and give the children a sense of human different expectation and value the relations of a teacher and the students using of the technology and can give children education by discretion to be able to do creative thing. The world will change by an education revolution. The nail will disappear from the world

Finally, What’s going to happen Mr.Keeting ?

I think that Mr.Keeting will be entrepreneur. And, he will change the wrong education system by founding the university appropriate for the 21 century to make much of creativity. A great entrepreneur need the creativity to find some problems and to solve the problems and the strong mentality to penetrate my will. Mr. Keeting have.

The new era need him. Now is the time when change the education. The old educations have been gaven the top priority to the subject to work and applied the policy of carot and stick. However, this way can’t grow the creativity to survive 21 century.

They shouldn’t continue this approch. The new education should give the top priority to autonomy. For example, Google have been applying the 20%rule. This means that engineer can spare the time playing my favorite thing in the 20% time of job. The task and team is freedom.

And, surprisingly, The new products of Google were generated in this time.Finally, the role of leadership in education must not be management control. The real role of leadership is to fix the environment and to create place of the possibility. And, in response to them, many students will attain unbelievable thing. I am sure that Mr.Keeting can do it.