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  • Agent8 Design

    Agent8 Design

    Graphic Design studio in Petersfield, Hampshire doing branding, print design, web design and motion graphics. Tweets by Nick Pye

  • Thought Den

    Thought Den

    Award-winning digital design & build in Bristol. Playful learning, addictive games and bold technology. Makers of 'Magic Tate Ball'. Keepers of sacred flame.

  • The Wardrobe Ensemble

    The Wardrobe Ensemble

    An ensemble of storytellers, character makers and thought provokers, we are interested in theatre which explores, questions, and celebrates human life.

  • Doubleshot


    Doubleshot is a video production company working with brands big and small. Our films are simple yet elegant.

  • Martin Duncan

    Martin Duncan

    Man of Theatre

  • Shane Morgan

    Shane Morgan

    Man of theatre. Just trying to get stuff done.

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