We Are Inches From A New World War, And Clintonists Are To Blame
Caitlin Johnstone

I saw Hillary was too dangerous for the job when, unprovoked, she compared Putin to Hitler. Who does that? Even if she believed that, what possible strategic benefit did it do to sever all goodwill with an idiotic insult like that? How many of Putin’s relatives are buried unclaimed in the snow thanks to Der Fuhrer?

I can only think she was demonstrating to her more shadowy neocon backers that she was the real deal on aggressive policy. A public message of fealty to people who had very militaristic intentions. I like to think this seeped through to many voters and all the genuine reasoning for her loss (lack of message, emails, etc.) simply masks the unconscious unease people had about her.

The world dodged an enormous bullet not just with her loss but with the denial of power to the band of war-hawk cronies like Nuland and Kagan.

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