Thoughts on Fredag…

Today was an earlier day than usual, as I made it a point to go to bed earlier last night. Bella, my dog, and I fought a little for space on the bed; I had to deal with being on the very edge until she decided she needed more space and went to the couch.

I don’t make resolutions anymore. Clear goals seem to work better for me. One of my goals is to get better sleep, so I’ve been tracking my sleep using SleepCycle. It’s been interesting seeing the data, but I get a little anxious about falling asleep because I know it’s tracking. Weird.

Another goal I have is to improve my cycling fitness by sticking to a training plan…and working hard. Not very quantifiable, but I’ll know if I succeed once spring rolls around.

Now that I think about it, I’ve never travelled by myself. One of my friends likes to plan solo vacations. I think I’ve always been afraid of going to a place I don’t know, and on top of that am not fluent in the language. I have an opportunity to go to Mexico City for a race, so…yeah, I should probably take advantage of that!