Business Transformation at HIE HQ

Almost every industry and almost all business have to go through some sort of business transformation in their business life cycle. Business transformation is not a new concept. We have witnessed a lot of businesses surviving their existence by timely transforming or pivoting themselves.

Wipro, a well-known tech multinational headquartered in India, used to sell refined oils way back in the 1950s. Wipro went through a lot of business transformation, from a refined oil manufacturer to hydraulic cylinder manufacturer and to finally establishing itself as a top software company. …

In simple words, HQ is a Product Team for the Product Teams. HQ works with the product teams of tech firms, startups, businesses and help them quickly build, scale and transform their products.

HQ has a co-building approach which is led by dedicated in-house product managers, designers, engineers who work in collaboration with Product experts, Tech experts, Industry experts to cover all aspects of the product development, product transformation and business transformation.

Along with offering a co-building approach, HQ is building a strong Partner Ecosystem to provide 360* product support. The main idea behind the partner ecosystem is to create…


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